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About 2HandBookShop : Innovation For Students And Let The Students Do Business For Students is an innovative online platform that facilitates buying and selling 2handbooks or used books by students of various Engineering Colleges located in Tamilnadu. 2handbookshop enables direct transaction between a buyer and a seller , in this case both are students.

We know the fact that most of the students do not have credit card or online bank transfer to do e- commerce. We designed 2handbookshop keeping this fact in mind. So as a student you do not need any online money transfer. You can use this site as in the same way you visit the second hand book shop in your local city.

Our virtual showcase is complete with books on every subject which is categorized by semester and department which enables first searching of anybooks. The exclusive feature of our website is that each of the books displayed in the catalog is furnished with complete details about the book and also can be searched by using quick search feature.

This process has been undertaken keeping in mind the colleges that are in far-flung remote areas.Anyone can sell and buy old or used books by joining hands with us. The process is very easy for both booksellers and buyers. The added advantage here is that a student can be both a bookseller and a buyer.

All one has to do is to create a personal account and list old or used books with them for sale. Book buyer can have a quick glance on a spectrum of books at the click of the mouse. You can learn more about how the system works by clicking student and webshop links provided above.

Keep visiting us to stay abreast of what is available online in the glorious world of Engineering studies!

Lets recycle efficiently and help our fellow students to reduce their academic expenses.

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Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry

Original Price: Rs.120.00

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Higher Engineering Mathematics -40E

Higher Engineering Mathematics -40E

Original Price: Rs.360.00

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Computer Programming

Computer Programming

Original Price: Rs.350.00

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